Archangels’ fire healing energy - Alexandra Wenman

Angels & Guides

It’s not your money ! Tosha Silver

Money & Abundance

Inner changes - Seth Leaf Pruzansky


LUCID LIGHT : Similarities between Lucid Dreaming & NDE - Clare Johnson


Keys to ascension - Michael Roads 2/2

New Paradigm

The opportunities of this crisis - John Demartini

Dealing with fears & grief

A new scientific paper on Unified Physics about to be published by Nassim Haramein

Science & Quantum Physics

Gregg Braden: Ancient Words to Rewire Our Brains and Heal Our Hearts

Ancestors & Heritage

Mickael Roads on changes happening right now

New Paradigm

Near Death Experience (NDE) in Iraq - Natalie Sudman

NDE (Near Death Experience)

Freeing our projections on money ! How money works !! Claiming our abundance. - Peter Koenig

Money & Abundance

Foster Gamble : This is what it takes, Thrive II

New Paradigm

Exciting news! Thrive II is out on September 26. Amazing!

New Paradigm

The Sophia Code : Divine Feminine mouvement & the activations of the ascended masters - Kaia Ra

Spirituality & Divinity

Dolorès Canon & Candace Craw-Goldman’s quantum healings BQH


Ascending & Ancient Civilizations - William Henry

Ancestors & Heritage

Communicating with animals and understanding their spiritual path - Laila del monte


Rise above! New consciousness is emerging - Dr Joe Dispenza

New Paradigm

Time of ascension, a global shift of consciousness - Sonia Choquette

New Paradigm

How to explore our divin feminin within ! - Maja D'Aoust

Evolution & Shift of Consciousness

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