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Deliberate Attraction Series

1.Posted by jessie on 12/07/2010 8:06 PM
I love your site and videos. I'd love to read your books!

2.Posted by Diane on 12/08/2010 11:31 PM
In the spirit of Law of Attraction, I am thinking nothing is ever too late. I would love to receive one of Michael's Law of Attraction books! I have been following the series with Lilou and Michael, and I even made my own Reset button! I am loving recognizing each day those little things that I believe are bringing me closer to my goals!
My biggest one recently was to find a job. I had been searching for months. Within 2-3 weeks of listening to you guys I had my very first interview with a customer service agency. I got the job on the spot! Then within another 1-2 weeks I received a check in the mail for money that I had been told I wasn't getting. My father past away last August. We were told by the probate lawyer that the debts out weighed the assets, and we would not be receiving our inheritance. With the use of Law of Attraction things worked out for us! Thank you so much Lilou and Michael!!! I will continue to take each day one at a time! Counting those wonderful, and abundant things that I am attracting into my life!

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