Cindy Lu opening up to her channeling experience writing Best Seller "4 Man Plan"

Channeling & Astrology

Cindy Lu discovered her access to inter-dimesional frequencies at age 16. Much soul-searching has revealed that the reason why Cindy has been able to access the full spectrum of intuitive abilities is because of one thing: she is an open channel for etheric beings, energies, and information above a certain frequency. She has been transmitting healing work professionally since 1998. Daughter of Qi Gong Master James Lu ( and private student and book co-editor of Taoist Master Hua-Ching Ni (founder of Yo San University and Tao of Wellness in Santa Monica, CA), she has furthered her skill sets through channeled guidance and daily practice. Cindy Lu, a professional actress for over 20 years, is also author of The Four Man Plan, now in 7 languages and available worldwide.
Cindy Lu has been coaching single women using The Four Man Plan for over 5 years in-person or remotely via SKYPE. Dating and the search for love is an emotionally charged process that is a powerful portal into one's spiritual journey. The 4MP is the "action step" that Cindy Lu's coaches women through that catapults them into a growth cycle that yields life's sweetest fruit: LOVE. It creates a process that promotes self-love, as well as a deeper allowing for others.
Integrated with her acting abilities, Cindy's channeling has transformed into translating these high-vibrational frequencies into personalities and expressions that we can communicate with directly. It's not your dead Aunt Sophie as much as it is your Spirit Guide Ronanda. Along with transmitting her own personal spirit guides, she endeavors to allow her clients' spirit guides to use her as an instrument so that the client might feel and recognize the connection that already exists within them.
Cindy Lu is currently available for sessions at the Malibu Healing Center in Malibu, CA. In October of 2011, Cindy will be begin intimate group sessions at this location, both of the 4MP and Spirit Guide Theater variety. For more information visit:

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