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1.Posted by Ron Rafferty on 01/09/2011 7:54 AM
I see the domination of fiat currency as a sublime challenge testing human spiritual wisdom. Our banking brothers created the global casino to exhibit that great potential of power within human community and in this case; the power to create illusion to benefit the greed of its creators and minions.
Money as a commodity, traded and speculated on, coupled with compounded interest Itax) attached to its use is an evil aberration of the concept of currency. If humanity is to be equitable and honest with one another, as spiritual law asks of us, then currency must be stable, tax-free and abundant for all. Our International Banking Cartels currency is none of these. The banksters casino that our world has become right before our eyes while we were so busy shopping is the greatest damage we must repair so that all other lightwork can flow without darkness lurking.
Healthy community thrives with real and honest currency being exchanged for materials and services. It is like water to all life on our bounteous planet (which of course is also in need of repair from that dark shadow trailing our present “legal tender” called “money”). Precious metal backing the value of currency created that honesty and stability for millennia. An ounce of gold bought a Roman man a full outfit of clothing and today the same is true, even though the value of gold to dollar is manipulated by the banksters.
As we learn the art of spiritual knowledge and apply its wisdom we need first mend that which we give to one another in honest and trusting commerce. That power is ours as our banking brethren have shown with dark intentions, if only we ask as a community it will manifest as quickly as the mickey-mouse money appeared in our wallets.

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