(FR) La prophétie de la femme médecine - Hernan Huarache Mamani

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Kantu est jeune, belle, curieuse de tout et pleine d'enthousiasme. Elle vit à Cuzco, une ville du Pérou, et passe ses journées entre les études, les amis et les fêtes. Elle ne connaît rien des anciennes traditions andines, de la science de la Pachamama, des enseignements des curanderos (hommes medecines). *
Cela ne l'intéresse pas. Un jour, un événement inattendu boulverse son univers, en la contraignant à se confronter à une réalité incompréhensible pour elle. Disposée à tout pour conquérir l'homme qu'elle aime, Kantu entreprend un chemin difficile qui la porte à redécouvrir l'énergie féminine sacrée qui est en elle.

Hernán Huarache Mamani is a Quechua speaking Indian born in Chivay, a village in the Peruvian Andes.

In 1975 he founded the Native Andean Culture Institute where I reunited the few people that defended the culture of our ancestors. In order to finance the research in the field of the Andean culture, he started to give seminars first in Peru and then abroad, thus earning the necessary funds.

Thanks to the research they carried out, many discoveries were made which we will be able to communicate to the whole world in the future. Unfortunately, at the end of 1989 this institute that he founded was not appreciated by the politics of the Peruvian Government and since then they have been under close surveillance by the police. For this reason they closed the institute and they had to interrupt their research.

While he was advancing with his research on this ancient culture, he came into contact with a group of Andean wise men who lived in the anonymity and so he found one of them willing to guide him in this difficult road to find myself. Thanks to his spiritual guide's advice, He arrived in Europe to talk and write about this spirituality. Thus, five of his books have been published which have caused a spiritual awakening to the people who have read them.

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