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"Healing is my life.  This statement is one that is not just a slogan, but it has been a reality for me.  My name is Nubia I and I am the founder and creator of WOMBNIVERSE.  I am also a client.  I started this program initially to heal myself of reoccurring womb issues that the doctor just could not seem to rid.  I notice that after particularly stressful times in my life, birth of a child; divorce; new relationships; unfullfilling jobs, etc., I would experience womb abnormalities, like chronic indigestion, heart palpitations, abnormal pap smears, menstrual problems, reoccurring yeast infections, heavy bleeding and other embarrassing womb issues.
I would constantly see the doctor, who usually just gave me drugs, or said that there was nothing short of antibiotics that he could give me to help my situation.  I left feeling frustrated and confused, which in turn, made my health deteriorate.
I began to get frustrated, but out of this frustration, I decided to be pro-active and take my healing into my own hands. I immediately changed my diet, becoming a vegetarian and later a organic vegan raw foodist.  I started to meditate, which I learned from healing classes in my community.  I started to feel better but still my issues were not yet resolved.  In fact, it wasn't until I realized that there was a mind/body connection to my healing and that my thoughts had a lot to do with my health issues.
I decided to explore this notion, studying under spiritual masters', that I saw vibrate the kind of health I desired.  What I discovered after more than 20 years on this joyous journey was that the doctors couldn't help me any better than I was willing to help myself.
I bathe in hot springs, traveled throughout the world, learning from spiritual masters, dancing traditional healing dances, participating in sacred rites of passages, as well as taking salt baths and using essential oils and crystals to facilitate my healing.
This healing was my savior, in that I learned, I grew and I started to excel.  Today I can say, because of this journey, I am healed of all womb afflictions, living the life I always imagined filled with love, joy and prosperity.
My mission is to give to you, what was so generously given to me; a place to receive expert guidance and love and to help women globally heal from the stresses of being a woman in this society."

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1.Posted by Orly Zirinsky on 10/05/2011 11:35 AM
Dearest dearest Lilou

Please watch Byron Katie do The Work on Prejudice­=50JRZx_I7Rk

And also please watch this GREAT one­­%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DDMYk-jziUFw%26f­eature%3Dplayer_embedded&h=HAQ­D_NHPAAQCjUZzi4RPiDcOXN-MD1WJ4­dh-oo4OKOwqH-g

Would you consider interviewing Byron Katie? You should - she's awesome

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