How to connect with our Twinflame? Angelina Heart

How can we call and connect with our Twinflame? what is the process? Are there techniques? Angelina Heart, specialist of Twinflames explains.

Life Partner, Soulmate & Twinflames

How can we call and connect with our Twinflame? what is the process? Are there techniques? Angelina Heart, specialist of Twinflames explains.

1.Posted by helena on 02/10/2010 7:05 PM
my god!
what does it means ? what is she talking about? how do you allow it on your site? filter it better.

2.Posted by Isbeludi11 on 02/20/2010 9:00 PM
If you are in a similar situation, you will understand what she is saying.I am a twin flame activated, for 7 years I have been living a wonderful reunion with my other one.This message from Miss Angelina is perfectly normal for us who understand what she is saying, it is glorious and it is the final balancing of energy.Is complete happiness until you and your twin are both before God.Is one vessel for two,Body host the magnificent duality of the twin flame.Thank you Angelina for sharing such a sacred stage.I am like you in constant loving mode and this completion is the eternal conversation because we do not cease to talk

3.Posted by malcolm bell on 04/15/2010 6:24 PM
love your videos

4.Posted by anna on 07/05/2010 7:13 PM
hello, is it possible for the same dissolving of duality if I were to connect to my twin flame in conciesness adn not in the physical. We lived, loved ultimitaly and both ego crashed the relationship. I have spent the past few years doing my inner work, sorting, ubderstanding. He deep down knows, but is doing all to fight it and move on. We have a child togerther adn I see him twice a week. Needless to say I miss the physical with him deeply, but am able to walk on my own this life if need be. I normaly rely on self for answers, I am a bit stuck with this tough one. This is the first email connection I make or any reaching out for that matter. What if he decides to move another direction and do no inner work, will mine still bring us together in after life? Because we met in this life are we meant to be together after or when in balance more?

5.Posted by Isbeludi11 on 07/06/2010 12:55 AM
Twin Flames are not to be confused with soul mates, this is a bipolarity that always was and always will be in the metaphysical realm. The relationship with your boyfriend the father of your kid is a great memory that is filed in your memory brain and it was so intense that this memory is turning you to pieces.First of all you need to delete this memories through meditation, is like an addiction is very similar to the withdrawal symptoms you are experiencing .Most twin flames do not see one another in this reality, usually the other twin is either in another realm or in another time enjoying another relationship, if you think you hit the jack pot by meeting your twin flame on Earth hallelujah! but I most tell you that you have created a powerful memory with this man .And you want to know if you can continue with him in conscientiousness, because yours and his ego destroyed what you had.First of all to meet anyone in conscientiousness you most conquer your ego, the ego is based on memory so you have to delete what you got and start again, new & fresh.When we end up in this demension is because we have a parallel that grew so much and vibrated so high it ended up in 3d , this body is a 3demensional copy of your higherself, so in reality death doesn't exist what exist is the delition of this copies, and the love life is part of the world we create around us, but to be with a twin flame is not what we come to this Earth for.I hope I help any. Love much .

6.Posted by Confused on 11/19/2010 2:12 AM
I saw this man at the supermarket and as I walked past him, i remember commenting to myself "I wish i could have a boyfriend like him"... I continued doing my shopping. When I went outside to my car, he was out there waiting for me and then asked me out.. We dated for a while as the attraction grew. Then I found out that he had just come out of a relationship and she had cheated on him. His previous 3 girlfriends had also cheated on him. Realizing that he wasn’t ready I kept trying to pull away but he kept chasing me back. The attraction kept growing and to me he was the most perfect man I had ever met.. I liked everything about him, which I never do with other men. He was everything I wanted on my wish list, although not looks wise but to me he was the most handsome man I had ever seen. It was like we were the same person and we completely understood each other without even trying.. When we had sex, it was so intense that it was like we weren't even touching each other..
After 6 months of this push and pull casual affair, where my feelings were getting stronger and stronger, it needed to go to the next level or stop. It stopped as he said he wasn’t ready.
We didn’t speak but ran into each other a few times and again, it felt like we were very drawn to each other and it was hard to pull away.. Weeks past and I asked the angels if this man was my soul mate and to give me a sign as it hurt to be apart from him and I couldn’t get rid of the feeling. Again we bumped into each other at the supermarket, the very next day that I asked the angels for a sign. When I was speaking to him I felt a cord of energy go from my heart to his and I wanted to be in his arms. My head was spinning and it was like my heart had completely opened up and was turned inside out, it was a little painful. It was so intense I had to go. Later I tried to contact him to see if he wanted to reconnect, but he wasn’t interested.
Am I going crazy and did I imagine this or is there a chance that he will come back when he is ready. 1 year have passed since I saw him and I still think about him, even though I have had relationships with other people. It's like I can still feel his soul around me.. The thought him of having a relationship with anyone else and me missing out on the bliss is too much to bear. I know it is stupid and I really need to forget about it. Does anyone have an explanation for this and is it possible that I only felt this and he didn’t.. (Which seems to be the case)?

7.Posted by Scott on 03/29/2012 9:54 PM
To Confused.
It is likely that your boyfriend doesn't trust people after being in love and being cheated on. Perhaps you put too much pressure on him and he wanted to run away. Being in love can be one of the most painful experiences in the world.

8.Posted by Kat on 11/27/2012 8:13 AM (from a mobile)
I have a twin flame, and I feel this deep connection as thought I've known him forever. My question is, can our twin flames feel it too? I'm having some doubts he can, every time I try to explain something he tells me he is confused. No one else.

9.Posted by jenean on 06/01/2014 4:04 PM
Confused, i hope you found him again and that both of your fears have been put aside. From what you described, it sounds like both of you are nuts to let eachother go!!!

10.Posted by Anu on 01/06/2015 7:38 AM
Well i have been in touch with my twin flame all my life but just recently I understood what all those things were. I went thru a bad marriage and suffered a lot. So during my divorce I consulted various psichycs and there were telling about meeting a very important man in my life very soon. I kept finding out until someone told me about twin flames. I started connecting dots and everything made sense for once.The guy they have described is the same I see in my dreams, we have kissed, made love, sang together, even sometimes we are next to a little boy. So I started to learn about the subject and I have sent love to my twin flame which I have recieved too and it is beautiful , powerful, unique. Now I understand all the things that I have experimented in my life had a reason why...My one and only twin flame

11.Posted by kristy on 03/25/2015 1:32 AM (from a mobile)
I have met my twin flame he is a bit older than me and there is some obstacles keeping us a part right now. I have told my story about me and my twin people think I''m crazy I Ant I know in my heart he is my twin why don''t people understand?

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