How to loose weight using the Law of Attraction? Example of Oprah Winfrey - Michael Losier

Law of Attraction

1.Posted by Kimberley Jones on 07/08/2010 7:53 PM
Great video! Love you Lilou! ♥

Something to add: Positive affirmations that challenge what IS do not have a negative vibration in themselves. Using affirmations gently & correctly can bring up just the right amount of energy that has been blocked & was causing the original problem.

If however you use an affirmation that takes you too far ahead of where you are right now it can cause your 'pain body' energy (the 'feeling' part of what's going on) to be triggered too much, so much so that you go into a healing crisis response & go straight into resistance & survival (straight back into the patterns you are familiar & comfortable with). The new information also challenges too many existing brain circuits & neural pathways all at once & the mind & energy body cannot take it on.

The energy triggered in Michael's 'pain body' when he told himself he had a happy & slender body overwhelmed his consciousness. It was the energy of the exact opposite of his affirmation ("I am NOT happy, I am NOT slender & I don't feel good about myself"), this is how they work, as healing agents. Sadly the upsurge of Michael's pain body energy was overwhelming for him so he went to his medication of choice to deal with those feelings.

Bringing this old pain body energy up to be healed is always a good thing, it leads to our enlightenment & is the whole point of affirmations as healing tools, however if we push too far too fast it is counter-productive & if we don't understand how powerful they are as healing tools & know how to use them they can also set us back.

The spiritual market place is saturated with tools to create change, healing & transformation but we haven't fully got the hang of how to actually manage the process we trigger when using these tools.
They are powerful & need to be honoured & used with expert help.

Keep shining Lilou. Love as ever!
Kimberley ♥

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