Inspiring and hiring business! Horizon Transport - Driver Service Company

Meet Joe Braun, General Manager at Horizon Transport


Horizon Transport, Inc. was founded by Melvin and Ruthann Schrock in 1984. Today, Horizon remains family owned and operated. Their son, Marion Schrock has been in charge of the day-to-day operations since the mid 1990's. Our business philosophy became our slogan, "Integrity, Dedication & Excellence"

In the early 1980's Mr. Schrock was a delivery driver for Coachmen Industries, delivering new RV's to their dealerships. It was during this time that he recognized the need for a transportation company that provided prompt service with professional, clean, qualified and courteous drivers. It was out of this vision that Horizon Transport was birthed.

Horizon started out delivering new RV's for the recreational industry, both motorized and towable units. In 1989, we opened a flatbed division delivering general freight, small vehicles and mobile homes. Later, we closed this division and turned our focus back to what we do best, driveaway and towaway.

In 1987, Horizon joined the National Safety Council and has continued throughout the years to put SAFETY FIRST! Today, we have three certified DDC (Defensive Driving Course) Instructors on staff. Horizon conducts weekly DDC courses for our drivers. The course is accredited by the state of Indiana. Indiana licensed drivers receive a 4 point credit on the license for completing this course. Our customers are welcome to attend a DDC class anytime!

In 1991, Horizon became a third party CDL test site for the state of Indiana. Today we employ two CDL certified testers that conduct over 1500 tests annually.

Over the years, by providing superior service and taking care of the customers and contractors, Horizon has grown considerably. We deliver 80,000 vehicles annually and we are a highly respected leader in the RV transportation industry.

The corporate office is located in Wakarusa, IN and has a branch terminal in Coburg, OR.

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