Interview of Lilou on the Juicy Living Tour

My mission, with the Juicy Living Tour, is to follow life – wherever it leads me. This is a healing journey – for me and for all of those watching who want to let their soul guide them.

Media & Lilou Being interviewed!

more about the Juicy Living Tour

My primary intention is to provide inspiration. The Juicy Living Tour is about seeing the shift that is already happening and discovering how we can each make the necessary changes in our own lives to open to our authentic soul expression.

The time is now, we all need to learn to trust and open our hearts, to see the magnificence, to take time for what is really important.

Ultimately, the Juicy Living Tour is an expression of my own soul’s longing for a heart centered experience. I am reaching out and stretching my personal boundaries, learning to trust the Universe and allow the journey (of life) to unfold. I am consciously letting go of the “go, go ,go” programming. I am spending time in nature, nurturing my body, and connecting deeply with soulful and profound people.

Please, join me as I witness, interview and learn from thought leaders and Spiritual teachers around the world. I want you to participate, comment and share in this expedition. If you feel inspired you can offer a donation or lend a hand. I want millions of people to be part of The Juicy Living Tour – to tap into the juiciness that life has to offer.

1.Posted by Taracrystal on 01/21/2011 2:15 PM
Thank you Lilou for this wonderful sharing. I loved the way you opened up in a simple manner showing us that it is easy to be just who we are if we allow ourselves to do so by just following the heart and the guidance of one's spirit. You are a wonderful soul bringing us the inspirations we need at this special time where a huge shift in consciousness is taking place.
Much love

2.Posted by Krizia | Blog Income for Women on 01/22/2011 5:22 PM

Thanks for the updates on your tour.

I've watched a few videos and they are great.


Again, once you come to Canada, you can contact me ... who knows. I'm trying to see how I can help you here in Toronto.

I just came back from visiting family in Paris ... so seeing you on the road like this is quite inspiring.

You inspire me to set aside my fears and move in the direction of my destiny.

Thanks Lilou!!!

3.Posted by Brent Penzotti on 01/22/2011 9:22 PM
Lileo I found you through Robert Young . I think your doing a great job .If your ever in northern Ca. please come and check out my earth house . Also my friend Mark Allen Frost who channels Seth lives near by . Perhaps you could interview him . Best Wishes Brent Penzotti

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