Mayans & Psychedelics, Ayahuasca - Ac Tah, Mexico Part 3/3

Mayan consciousness

I AC TAH , a descendant of the men of maayab of the eastern part of Yucatan state, come from the lineage TAH CANCHE Baak and AC . Through the teachings of my grandparents and Baak Huchin BEE HAT , I learned that after 5125 years the earth with other planets create a perfect alignment to develop ourselves as beings of light, therefore we live in a historical time to create a conducive new state of consciousness where humans can live in harmony and balance. So, I am currently doing a tour around the country promoting awareness awakening to the return of the Maya foretold by my ancestors.
The events prophesied by my ancestors, the men of Mayaab, have been serving synchronously with the movement of the planets. All signs indicate the imminent return of Kukulkan-Quetzalcoatl (the feathered serpent), which will be activated in the DNA from the light of the sixth sun. These prophetic messages have been transmitted to me by spiritual revelations and through the teachings of my grandfather, who always made ​​me watch the sky for the prophetic signs and put emphasis on me to stay tuned to the opening of Hunab Ku, told me that when this happens Kukul Kan-Quetzalcoatl, along with all my ancestors, the men of Mayaab, would connect to this new frequency of thought.

In 2008, a member of the Mayan community Oxlahum in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mex., Receives a symbol that represents a man meditating for 13 days before the sun and sea, this meant the beginning of the activation process of DNA to pass through the portal of light 2012. Therefore, the August 30, 2008 I started a 13-day continuous meditation on the esplanade Sanchez Taboada in Mazatlan, Sinaloa and September 20 of that year, start a trek across the country carrying the message of light that allow us to activate a new awareness in our DNA that is a legacy of my ancestors. From that day until today June 16, 2009 different people have joined the 14 states we have traveled the country visiting Northern groups, communities, tribes, cities, leaders, etc.. We've been with the philosophies of the Ishaya in Los Mochis Sin., With San Miguel yoremes Sin., Hare Krsnas in Tijuana BC, Yakis in Tecate BC Catholic monks of the noisy, units of government in Tecate, the Seris Sonora, the Academy of Future Science in the hill tepetl and Sun Dancers in Durango, the Tarahumara in Chihuahua, street children in Zacatecas, Lahak community in Guadalajara, the Huichol in Tigre Hill in Nayarit and a Catholic priest Tepic, Nayarit. We have conveyed our message through radio, television, newspapers, conferences ... with more and more people receive the messages of light, regardless of religion, ethnicity, philosophy, social status, etc..
In conclusion, the energy portal is a portal futuristic fantasy as we would be passing through a tunnel, but an energetic shift that is given to neuro-vibrational level and happens in every one of us. The portal of light and is open only need to use it and access all that information so that Kukul Kan-Quetzalcoatl is activated in our DNA and allow access to their wisdom for our people that my ancestors called beings of the sixth sun. Mexico is the country chosen, based on our past through my ancestors.

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1.Posted by Belinda on 01/11/2012 6:12 AM
It would probably be better to ask an ayahuascero (a shaman who specializes in the plant medicine of ayahuasca) what his opinion is. I believe that Ac Tah starts by addressing the question as if ayahuasca is a "drug" in the Western sense of the word, that is, as an addictive substance that people use as a substitute for living in the this world. It is not.

Ayahuasca is a not simply a drug for people to experience Unity. It is a teaching medicine that energetically works on the body by healing it physically and energetically. The plant spirit of the ayahuasca vine is a particularly potent teacher that speaks to a person by thinning the veils between the conscious and the subconscious, allowing clearer thinking and messages to come through. If a person is blocked with shadows and other issues, those things will be cleared first. Ayahuasca will filter through a person's physical and energetic layers clearing out that which is impure. An ayahuascero is a shaman who is gifted and trained in speaking to the plant's spirit and is the mediator/ translator in this world guiding its teachings in the third dimension. The songs that the ayahuascero sings during the ceremony help to guide one's visions and bring out particular lessons and teachings during the ceremony.

Certainly, ayahuasca should never be used as a substitute for one's personal efforts to find one's self. But if used correctly, it is a teaching tool, one that is a child of the earth, that can help a person better see their own way to finding one's self. For the earnest spiritual seeking student, it can be invaluable if one is unable to find one's way to one's heart simply by trying to simply "be" in it. It should be respected as a potent plant spirit.

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