Miss Rosacea is back!

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1.Posted by Marie on 03/14/2012 11:01 AM
Bonjour Lilou!!
Ca fait plus d'un an que je suis tes diverses vidéos avec beaucoup d'intérêt, un grand merci pour tout ce que tu fais et partage avec le monde :)
Je suis également atteinte de rosacée, et après avoir essayé différents remèdes (naturels et moins naturels) rien n'y faisait durablement. Il y a quelques semaines, alors que je m'apprêtais à partir au Baja (je vis entre la France et le Mexique), je suis tombée sur ta vidéo parlant du produit Psoria-Gold. Je me suis empressée de commander le produit en Amérique du Nord, et je l'utilise depuis environ une semaine maintenant.
Je dois avouer qu'à l'heure actuelle les résultats sont spéctaculaires.
Justement je me demandais si c'était un produit à utiliser ad vitam afin de conserver des résultats durables, et je suis tombée sur cette vidé sais que la rosacée est une maladie complexe et évolutive, et que chaque cas est différent, mais as-tu interrompu l'utilisation du Psoria Gold? Ou est-ce que la rosacée est revenue malgré l'utilisation?
Merci pour ton aide, and hang in there, you're a true inspiration for so many people!
Take care,

2.Posted by richard schickel on 03/14/2012 7:02 PM Dr. Pagano has done amazing work. I believe that this will be very helpful for your physical problems. I will pray that you can relax for just a few moments and know that you need to do nothing- you are trying too hard. Relax and the works will come to you.

3.Posted by Nathalie on 03/15/2012 7:23 PM
Toutes les Rosacéas de la terre ne pourront atteindre la beauté qui émane de votre personnalité . Rose... c'est pas la couleur de l'amour !
Much love, love, love

4.Posted by Dodo NKishi on 03/18/2012 12:31 PM
Dear Miss Rosacea,
i just wanted to thank you so much for taking care of my dear friend Lilou!
It seems like you know her well, perhaps even better then she does, at times.
You have always been ready to step in when she wouldn't know how to step out.
And i, for one, am grateful for the attention you demanded of her.. i believe, in her heart she is, too.

I strongly believe, too, that the time has come now to salute her, because not only is she recognizing more and more when moments of true inner, as well as physical rests are due, reading, heeding and following the earliest signs, but she has been understanding how to live with and follow you - in harmony! And isn't that a good time to say Fare Well?

Miss Rosacea, with all due respect, i would like to remind you, that there are indeed also others who could greatly benefit from your valuable presence and are restless, nervous and stressing ... for the lack of you!
Please, i urge you move on and help those..
after all, you always know where to find my friend in case she might need your help again, and you wouldn't want to outstay your welcome now, would you?

(thanks for all!)

one love

5.Posted by Ivan Meyreles on 03/28/2012 12:29 PM
Hi Lilou!

Let me start by saying that you're awesome and your juiciness rocks!

I've been meaning to reach out for some time. I really appreciate your work and the way you bring the world together surrounding love and peace.

When I saw your video about Rosacea, I thought she still looks like the sweetest creature on the planet (after my wife of course) :-)

Anyhow, I know you'll get through this. "Winter always turns to Spring"

I heard you refer to anti-biotics as your treatment modality. I'd like to offer a different approach: plant vibrational medicine that works with your body instead of against it.

Please call me when you have a chance so we can discuss in more detail.

Much love Lilou!


6.Posted by Jannine on 06/01/2012 1:30 AM
Hello lovey Lilou,
Thank you so much for your inspiring and uplifting messages. I also am tearing my hear out with this dreaded Rosacea and personally believe it has been triggered by a very stressfull year. Easier said than done to stay positive I know but what do we do. I can't wait to read your books.
Take care and lots of love
Jannine xx

7.Posted by Becca on 07/24/2012 11:38 PM
What about the psoria-gold that healed you...?!

8.Posted by Helene Gross on 05/22/2014 6:07 PM
I have had Rosascea for many years when I worked as a film producer in Sweden. I was very stressed and went to the doctor. He said that I needed to treat it with antibiotics and that I would have it for the rest of my life. I turned to a 99% raw food juice and living foods diet and in 2 months I got rid of it completely. I have never had it come back. That was over 10 years ago. I still eat mainly raw foods and juice at least once a day. Just giving you another option. I love your videos and I have written you an email about a book I have channeled and wanted to know how to go on with the publishing part. I am 'guided' to do it at Hay House via Louise Hay but that route has proven difficult. Do you have any leads? I appreciate all you do. Love Helene v Gross

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