My skin disease Rosacea : Attracting healing

This season is about healing my body, lind and soul on all levels and all dimensions. I need your support and help.


More information on Rosacea here:

Day 2. This season is about healing my body, lind and soul on all levels and all dimensions. I need your support and help.

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1.Posted by Monica on 03/16/2010 9:57 PM
Lilou, thank u for opening up and sharing such a sensitive topic. I want to share w/you that I have the same issues w/my teeth, which I've had lots of problems with and don't have the money to pay for cosmetic dentistry. However, what helped me is to STOP being aggravated w/my teeth, and instead to "love" my teeth, to love my smile, and to not focus my attention anymore on my teeth. I now have not had one pain in over a year, even tho my teeth aren't fixed yet,they are not worse, which is a miracle. I believe I'll get them fixed some day, but for now I only have good opinions about my teeth, grateful that I have any at all, etc, grateful for the foods I CAN chew, I give myself affirmations that "I have strong beautiful teeth"..etc. I hope this helps w/your rosacea.:)

2.Posted by Hamutal morrison on 03/17/2010 2:48 AM
Dearest Lilou, you touch my heart so deeply.
I spoke with "my" Dr/healer/chiropractor, her name is Dr Mattie Klare, she is Hungarian living in LA in the past 12 years. she says that this Rosacea comes from the colon and the immune system. she sujests a colon cleanse,then she says you must take vitamin C 3 times daily (1000mg )and that your diet should be Gluten Dairy and Sugar FREE.
Dr Klare says that antibiotics is not really helping and in her view it might even interfere with the colon-cleanse. she urges you not to call it a disease, somehow, like all disorders the nerves and our psyche need to be fed with calm with trust and with you are in all your amazing interviews!
Much love and tons of healing energies from the west coast.

3.Posted by mat on 03/23/2010 4:37 PM
Your last card, as you say, is the doorway for us all to find unity of self healing.

Unity is a huge part of healing we are not separate or alone or have to hide ourselves and our imperfections from each other, hiding uses up a lot of our energy and vitality and prevents unification and love.
By accepting ourselves we love all of who we and others are... all x not just the good bits!
Physical healing is law of attraction , focus on what you want and not on the problem.
If you worry about it and how bad it is, then this invests energy in the problem.... focus on the parts of you that are wonderful and how free you would be without this challenge.

The face : how other people see you and how you see yourself. And this is happening now to speed your growth and maybe to free yourself of limiting beliefs about who you and how it all should be.
This is a time of great transition and greater connection and your challenge is helping us all to grow , share and unify.
The very fact you had this challenge / growth has made hundreds of new connections , like this growth I am also having by writing this. You created this all - how wonderful thank you x We are connecting because of this - How glorious!

This is a growth into Love and many things physical + non physical, however we can support the physical by...appreciating where we are and finding a way to love the fact we have created our current circumstances .... because we grow and have the power to create ways that we enjoy more, often through the contrast of our challenge/ disease.

There may be many ways to help heal the body . And the journey is personal so you can discover the truth for you. Are you scared or fearful about this? There are some answers there. Are you holding unresolved emotions about your old boss? "Some of you may be laughing at this" Have you been able to rewatch your own video? There are tiny keys in your path right there.

The way we talk about others can sometimes reflect the way we feel about ourselves. However our journey is always perfect for us and only ever brings us more awareness and possibilty for us to be more. Unity.

Many people will tell you many ways that is there experience and view point. I believe the body is created to be healthy and it shows us perfectly when it wants us to be aware of how we are using it.

How to help the body:

Skin: One of the largest organs of elimination
Your body is trying to eliminate something (lets stick to the physical although the non physical is also just as important)

1. Fasting is the bodies way to heal - google water fasting. All animals do it when they are sick - we feed ourselves on potions and tonics.

2. Feed the body living foods and stop feeding it anything dead.

3. I do not believe that you need any vitamins or herbs to help the body heal, I have spent a lot of money, $20,000+ on expensive treatments and pills and they were a lesson I had to learn about. They didnt work and anti biotics kill everything inside the good and the bad. Not an answer for me!

4. The body will clean its own house in time, we want to push it with colonics etc to speed it up ... and I dont use them now but if they help you, they may help. If they dont help , they dont help. For me they did not seem to make a big difference for some people they do. In theory it is a good way to remove the toxic waste from the body quite quickly. Again its part of your path of discovery. It is a grey area that only you can find the answer to.

****For me the biggest and permanent changes were made with fasting and changing my diet to LOW FAT RAW VEGAN - after 20 years of suffering - I am now alive and full of vitality *****


*Re: Dr Doug Graham also helped - no pills or costs or products etc


* Victoria Boutenko /

I gave my body time to rest , listen grow and heal.
Fasting and raw low fat vegan foods and my healing is complete. It took a long journey but it was the right amount of time for my growth.
I made unions because of this journey and have grown beyond recognition ( not in waist size :) )

Every doctor will tell you it is this , and this is the way to cure it. Looking for people who have healed themselves naturally is a brilliant way to find a path. And speeds up the process for others too. Then they have to do the real work.

Have you asked yourself as well what is it you have chosen to learn / grow from this experience?

We are growing to understand how powerful we are and that power is able to ask for help and guidance and it shall be given, by yourself and the other co creators x

This is unity at its best , you have created it and I am so thankful for you x


4.Posted by Karen on 04/16/2010 7:29 PM
Dear Lilou, This is only the 2nd video of you that I watched and i feel a deep connection to you already. I also have rosacea, and thats not all - i have vitiligo as well. I'm very stressed out and decided to look for meditation videos(to help me relax) on youtube and thats how i found you. According to doctors there's also no cure for vitiligo, so now i have 2 "incurable" skin diseases. But i refuse to give up and will always look for answers. I live in South Africa and spent hours on the internet looking for cures. Don't know if you noticed how many people out there claim to have a cure but please pay first and then you get the answer. If i can find a cure to any of these 2 skin diseases i will go and shout it from Table Mountain, believe me! I'm going to watch all your videos and feel blessed that i found you. I'm the only one i know of all my family and friends with these skin conditions and i don't always feel like talking to them about it, It is something i have to deal with by myself, but now that i see such a beautiful women as you going through the same thing i don't feel so alone in this struggle. Kind regards. Karen

5.Posted by JULIE on 04/26/2010 3:44 PM
hi lilou, I share this disorder & your feelings entirely. I have burning pains, redness, sometimes a bumpy rash flares up, my skin seems thickened. My nose cheeks forehead & chin are affected. For months they said it was psychological!! I think antibiotics made me worse & did not work, they may even have caused it. Topical meds only aggravate. IPL treatment is helping but I think it comes down to ones own inner strength & intuition to heal ourselves. I am vegetarian, but i have started eating fish & i eat a lot of cheese which may not be helping. I will try to be strict with my diet but it is hard to do. Comfort foods & chocolate make it worse of course, adding to the misery!! I have just started to try herbal remedies like aloe colon cleanse tablets, liquorice root & detox teas. Sun is bad as is the computor screen which i need for this research to help myself. I worry about rhinopyma, people think it's funny even doctors. Fear is real but toxic too. Hope is energising & the only way forward. Like you, I had lovely skin before. I hide behind make up & get confidence from it. The philosophy brand Supernatural hybrid make-up with SPF20 is currently good for me, as is bare essentials mineral make up. Love to know what products help you cope too. lots of love Julie in the UK.

6.Posted by Shaheen on 04/29/2010 10:04 PM
Okay Lilou, You`ve been my favorite person about The Secret and about The Law of Attraction since last year. Look I have Hormonal Imbalance and High Blood pressure and I`m 16. Ive suffered with it for about 2 years since i was 14 and in 7th grade. I was always complaining and wondering why god did this to me! what the hell did i ever do to deserve this cruel fate??? So my mom and I tried everything "natural" Chinese Medicine didn`t work it made my BP spike up, Natural Medicine worked very well it healed to get everything undercontrol and stay that way for about 1 1/2 years. till we moved to Beaverton a city in Oregon. My symptoms went back to square one!!!! How could this have happened??? so we scheduled an appointment with a natural doctor and found out i had hormonal imbalance with the side effect of high blood pressure. I was sooo relived to know what i had instead of the lat year and a half guessing ad making hunches and researching. here was a woman who could help me! praise God. So now she gave me a system:herbal tinctures and a diet, exercise plan.then about 1 month later I had such sever headaches I wanted to kill myself like i seriously though i was gonna die from my headaches. I was sent to the emergency room because my doctor couldn't being my BP down safely. i HAD STAYD IN THE ER FOR ABOUT 2 DAYS 1 NIGHT I HAD THE BEST TIME EVER AND I HAD BEEN GIVEN MEDICATIONS. NOW LOOK I THOUGHT THE WORST OF MEDICATION THE DEVIL AND HOW PEOPLE ARE CORRUPT AND IT KILLS SOO MANY PEOPLE IN THE LONG RUN BLAH ,BLAH,BLAH!

MY DOCTORS SAID THIS AND I WILL NEVER FORGET IT: nothing is forever! you don`t have to take the medicine for the rest of your life!! just until your blood pressure comes down to a safe point. I WAS SOO HAPPY TO FEEL MY DOUBT AND WORRIES DISAPPEARED! =) ANOTHER DOCTOR SAID TO ME: you can eat well and eat the freshest healthiest foods you want! but if you don`t exercise and have balance then that`s it. FROM THAT DAY HER WORD ARE INGRAVED IN MY BRAIN,. I NOW EXERCISE EVERYDAY,EAT LESS WHEAT FLOUR AND I EAT NO PROCESSES/BLEACHED FOODS OR LIMIT THEM. I TAKE ONE MEDICATION (FOR BP)ONCE A DAY IN THE MORNING AND YOU KNOW WHAT LILOU??? it works!! I`m still waiting for my appointment for food allergy test because one woman had my same issue, they got rid of the foods she was allergic to and now her BP and Hormones are under control. What I`m saying is you said you were scared to take medications and antibiotics I`m only 16 so don`t take my opinion but I say( you RESEARCH the side effects and what they can do to help you. and if the doctors give you a medication go home and research it on a reputable website because sometimes a medication can have a recall and can even be banned (metphormin is banned yet my doctor gave it to me, i didn't take it) then go to your doctor and ask him/her all the questions you have about your problem listen to them and let them listen to you. IT`S YOUR HEALTH YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!!! and of course talk with family (mom`s usually know best) and friends with your issue and see if what they use can help) I thought that taking medication was a bad thing but sometimes what we think is bad can sometimes be good and what we think is good can be bad. Just pray to God and look up websites about others with your problem but add the word "success story" so you get posotive results it takes a lot more work to find "success stories" then the problem ones but once you do bookmark the hell out of it!

Well i hope you found this rant helpful, Love Shaheen

7.Posted by tamoor on 09/29/2010 11:08 PM
lilou mace i like you videoclip it very touchy i feel what you feel me to im fiding a cure for my rosacea im 21 years old last six month the doctor anouced me that i have the rhinophyma the last stage i am so depressed the doctor said you wii see il will be a bad souvenirs after the laser surgery not really my nose is swealling and swealing it causing a deformity on my right side very painful seeying growing all the day im sufering in my body i dont feel good my life have no sense it like if my life is over i dont go to school cause it very abarasing all the person dont want to speak at me cause im to ugly the morning i have to wait 30 minute before the swealing gose off i have to take (accutane) 2 time stronger then the antibiotics since im 14 years old im taking antibiotics cause i dont like bumps on my nose in subway no person it capable to sit with me cause my nose is all bumpy and red it a nasal tumor so if i dont treat it with laser one day my nose will become a golf ball the laser stop the tumor for 5 to 10 years and it come back it very abarasing when your just 21 years old im sure that no girl in the world will accept to love me like i am im so depresse i take drug to forgot what i have i was a happy boy before this problem always laufing so many friends they call all day i dont respond i dont want to see me like this .in my life i was never able to talk to a girl cause i did not like my nose all my friends are having fun with the girlfriends im the only who as no girlfriends i always dreamed to have a kid but i thing i will always stay alone all my life i never cryed before buy now yes cause when i see a girl i like her i know that i have no chance to date her i always cry in bathroom so my parents dont see me i know everything on this disease i have been doing research sense 2 year im very sorry to say you this but there is no cure to rosacea and only thing you can do is laser treatment the more you do it quickly more chance you have that it worsen protect your self from the sun cause sun lawyer cause your blood vessel to dilate .it very frustating this diseases i had so many dream and things to do but this rhinophyma diseases destroyed my life , the more you talk about how you feel from this diseases the more you will be happy i leave in canada we have very good doctor my doctor is dr bariolet is always working to find a way to stop the rosacea but you can just treat it and gives very good result he has is own laser labatories so some one know the latest technology to treat it is my doctor this is not related in your blood any thing there is nothing else to do to treat rosacea dont waste you time trying other thing like herbal or oil or skin products just wash your face with a light soap he has treated thousend of rosacea sufferer do the laser surgery the quickly possible to achive best result when you feel sad about this try to do the thing you like the most i dont know listening to music watch a film to something that atract you the most thank you for your videoclip maybe one day it will have a cure thank and you are beautiful your rosacea is a tiny cases it will treated very easly with laser you will see you feel more confident about you thank you for sharing your deep feeling from your heart Tamoor Younas soory for my english i leave in montreal it a french town beyey good luck

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