DATE: Friday, Oct. 28th

Cinema Gaumont Aquaboulevard - Paris 15ème

7:00pm - Opening
7:30pm - Film Premier and Q&A with Physicist Nassim Haramein & Director Malcom Carter
10:30pm - Join us for an exclusive cocktail vip (pass vip only)

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“The Connected Universe ” explores the interconnection of all things in the Universe. It inspires people to see the world differently. There is no better guide on this journey of exploration than Sir Patrick Stewart. Known for boldly exploring the galaxy in Star Trek, he is also revered as a Royal Shakespearean actor who has taken an inner journey of extraordinary depth. This intertwining of both science and humanity creates a unique narrative to explore connection.

Philosophers and teachers from ancient times have often said, “everything is connected” and “we are all one” which is a beautiful thought, but HOW is this happening. HOW are we connected? What is the science behind the mechanism that makes this all work? Some of humanity’s greatest minds like Plato, Da Vinci, Tesla, Rumi, and Einstein all understood that the Universe is more interconnected than most people ever realize. Yet, in their time, they were only able to share this knowledge with a small group of people.

The nexus of science, technology, film and social media have created a unique moment in human history to be able to share this understanding with the world. Film and television programs like “COSMOS” have inspired minds by exploring our place in the Universe, but “The Connected Universe” takes it one step further, and connects science with the human experience.
Award winning director, Malcom Carter, has travelled to more than 300 cities in 50 countries in his humanitarian, film, and science work. From meeting with Amazonian Shamans to Astronauts to his work with NASA think tanks, Malcom has sought to see the world from a different perspective. “Some of the amazing people I have met in my journey have helped me see the interconnection of all things. It has become a passion of mine to share these insights.”

“Working with Sir Patrick Stewart is wonderful. He brings an incredible depth of experience behind some of the big questions that he asks in the film. We hope that this inspires people to boldly ask big questions for themselves,” Carter added.

Malcom’s journey to understand, led him to Nassim Haramein, a physicist and founder of the Resonance Science Foundation, who has been on a life long journey to discover a unified theory of physics that could connect quantum theory to the cosmological scale. The film explores his innovative new ideas in science that bring us closer to a new understanding of how the Universe is connected.

“The Connected Universe” is the highest crowd funded documentary in Indiegogo history. It was literally created through global connection. It received contributions from 100 different countries, showing that there is a worldwide desire to understand some of these fascinating ideas.


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