POWER OF THE SOUL Inside Wisdom for an Outside World, John Holland

John Holland, international best selling author, radio host on Hay House radio, and medium, talks to us about the power of our soul, how we follow its guidance, and find your soul's purpose.


This fascinating book provides some of the tools to help you to tap in to one of the most powerful forces in the Universe—your soul! Youll develop a conscious awareness of the spiritual laws that help mold your life, and the individual soul force thats in each and every one of you. Power of the Soul is more than just a guide . . . its a way back to living from the inside out. It will help you (no matter what your walk of life) follow your own spiritual journey.

1.Posté par Dodo le 18/03/2010 03:33
Lilou! Are You listening? He's talking about synchronicity - and not only! He's telling you what i believe relates directly to your video regarding your issue with Rosacea, but didn't feel ready to tell you!
But while i had many insights/hunches/thoughts/feelings (i don't know) listening to video, in a nutshell, i can tell you that: listen, take heed, and follow your heart. (I'll elaborate if you like)
one love

2.Posté par Lilou Mace le 18/03/2010 08:50
tell me more!!!!!

3.Posté par Lilou Mace le 18/03/2010 09:04
I know, we want more!!!!! I will be interviewing him again soon on his latest book and on indigo, new child and reincarnation, as well as the soul!!!! More to come!!! what do you want to hear more of?

4.Posté par Dodo le 18/03/2010 10:15
!!!!! .. :o))))
GOD Morning L.
Personally, people like John Holland, Steinfeld, Kishori, DeMartini, and whatever they're all called (or yourself !!!! for that matter) can go on and on talking, and i'll rarely get tired. It inspires my deepest aspects in me - of me - those that had been neglected most, in a (material) world that does not want to associate with spiritual issues like these (or so it seemed for many years) and finds hard to see their importance and values for all aspects of all life!
while i'm a 1000% convinced this is time spent best, for getting in touch and familiar with one's Soul and back to the lost Oneness and healing the self-perceived dis-ease, time thus spent carries with it some very dangerous side effects, just like any medication has collateral effects - only these are more varied, as they relate to and manifest in direct consequence of our most varied personalities and Karma, one of which that i see a more common problem being the ego's abilities, desire, and need to conceptualize our existence.
Though that said, i wouldn't be surprised if not one day doctors will find it possible to prove that chemical pharmaceutical remedies do not expose their colleteral effects based on the same foundations, i.e. our karmic patterns - it's all in the definition of things, so enjoyed by that thing, we label Ego.
Until and unless we'll have learned to make it serve our own heart with its marvelous qualities to structure our progress, to affirm our definitions of our feelings (or for want of a more poetic language: the road-less, wide and deep sea, that our soul is), we will see ourselves in states of self doubt, tossed to and fro on our paths to fulfillment and Oneness, and hearing that "knocking on the inner door" to remind us whereupon to focus our attention for the answer - for all the answers! exclusively:
our intuition/heart/instinct/God/Soul ... whatever one wishes to label it (though for some they are to be differentiated - and personally i agree.) it doesn't really matter.
all that said, i advocate for a healthy equilibrium between meditation (again, ego likes to waste time in defining what that means) and action - and this latter one being the crux of it all! (I'll elaborate if you like.)

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