Positive changes happening in the world right now | Tony Samara

Tony Samara talks with Lilou Macé How to face today's challenges and prepare for them. Positive changes are happening in the world. This is exciting! Share the good news!

Evolution & Shift of Consciousness

How to face today's challenges and prepare | Tony Samara

1.Posted by Grégory on 05/12/2010 2:50 AM
He makes a lot of sence to me.

I have seen a documentary not long ago on NGC about the last "shift of ages". The melting of the ice after the last ice age. The earth's surface went through a lot of changes back then. And they showed & explained what he is explaining now. That they found a way to adapt to that new environment. Wich wasnt a bad thing, it was a new way of living and that's what we are gonig through right now also. In the documentary they also talked about the next shift of ages wich is about to "happen" they said. Referring to the mayan calender. That we have to find a way to adapt to the new earth we are receiving right now!

This makes perfect sence. Not only are we experiencing a mental & spiritual shift/opportunity, but physically as well. The earth HAS to change in this process too. It IS preparing itself for this new world. We should join our lovely earth in its process. It's a wonderfull thing really. Our ways of handling health and our body is essential. I agree on that. If we are creating a whole new world for ourselves, then it really means in every aspect of our lives. Meaning that health & body should be approached differently than we have been doing for many many years.

The way i see it is hmm... As we adopt these habits of nurturing our bodies, we can change together with mother Earth more easily. We become very capable of dealing with Earth's rapid changes. And from that, these habits of US ( yes, us!!!) that we create NOW will be layed as the foundation of our health care in our new world. And that also supports other aspects of our new ways of being, mentally & spiritually. It has to fit.

I can not vision myself a whole new better world if the current medical systems stay the same. It just doesnt resonate with the other changes. The same goes for the mental & spiritual part of our lives in our new world. The habits that we (WE!!) change/create/practise in purpose of a better world NOW, will be set as the foundation of our civilization in our new world. All because we made a choice to make it so. The choice to change. And now is the time to choose. It's always now. I can almost see what it is going to be like from that perspective. It's going to be a wonderfull world for sure!

Really exciting
I'm living in an amazing time in history! :D

2.Posted by Wahido on 06/20/2010 9:59 PM
Dear Lilou,

Thank you very much for creating this video interview with Tony Samara and for having taken the time to approach such sensitive and important matters such as the changes that we are all experiencing in the world today.

Tony Samara is a true spiritual master and i have been working with him for a while now and even after 10 years he still surprises me every time i hear him speak, it is always different and amazing.

Thank you for another opportunity to receive wise words and wisdom beyond words.

Love, Wahido

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