Spirit in Finance: Let your light shine in the world of money and matter / Ivo Valkenburg

Interesting interview with Dutch author Ivo Valkenburg on his book Spirit in Finance, Let your light shine in the world of money and matter. At the time of this interview, this book is not translated yet in French or English.

Economy & Society

Interesting interview with Dutch author Ivo Valkenburg on his book Spirit in Finance, Let your light shine  in the world of money and matter.

From Ivo:
In this book, I hope to show how the credit crisis can help us all to bring heaven on earth  how we can let our light shine on finances. Money and matter provide an outstanding possibility  perhaps even an unequalled potential  for people and society to return to love. How? By no longer interacting in this world of money and matter based on self-interest alone, but rather under the guidance of Spirit. A new world is possible once we are willing to join Spirit in making the efforts. This can only happen when we are willing to take total responsibility in our daily thinking and actions.

Some people cling strongly to money and matter. The credit crisis offers various examples of this. Others will do almost anything to avoid touching matter. Above all they seek Spirit until matter shows itself.

This book will help you to imbue money and matter with your Spirit. It aims at guiding us from Spirit to earthly matter. The goal is to inspire people and organisations in financial matters  to heal our rigid thoughts and feelings about money and spirituality. We will seek ways to dissolve the boundaries between the seemingly separate worlds of spirituality and finances. The book offers a holistic, contemporary view of a changing financial/economic world filled with loving signals and examples of people and organisations that have chosen a new path. May it inspire you!

1.Posted by Hamutal morrison on 02/19/2010 7:20 PM
Lilou this is so amazing Ivo and you! wow! I have no words just thank you and love. I am rushing to watch this one again and again...

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