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Evolution & Shift of Consciousness

1.Posted by Ulysses on 12/15/2014 3:49 PM
Some spontaneous thoughts;

I humbly believe that If you are living your true self, if you´re simply being, being you, being all there is, if you breath in and out the space around you, if you allow yourself to be shattered into smithereens of consciousness, turn yourself into those buldings blocks which make of the whole of your reality whether physical or formless. when you manage to feel as part of the whole and immediately that sparkling feeling turns into the whole itself, only the whole, then good friends, healthy relationships, "shinny happy people" will undoubtedly come right your way Lilou.

And conversely, if your pathway friends are locked up into the same vibration as you are, you will unhesitatingly come theirs.

Clusters are formed of like nature. A denser class -if you will, will go through a cleansing phase, a purge . All those who are still living in Dante´s nether world, eventually and on due course of time, will be will plucked by Beatrice to use a ringing metaphor and step up the rungs of the ladder.

Everything is perfect just as it is.Let us simply not to deceived ourselves and fall into the pit fall thought that "this" is imperfect. Feel the truth deep within yourself and elicit the perfection which lives in you and has lived in you since...eternity. Nothing is wrong. Why? Because we simply exist and we simply are...Beauty is all around us. It´s a choice, so simple as that.

Long pier. Walking down through it.Suddenly I reached the tip, Two options loomed before me. On the one hand I had this majestic, all-embracing, warm vast extension of a clean-blue ocean, reflecting on its loins tiny-silverish sparks of a gentle shimmering sun. On the other, the shadows of the rocks being cast upon the waters turning them murky and spooky.The picture was somewhat really gloomy. I turned my head both sides, the sunny one and the shadowy one. What did I really want for me to live and enjoy? Which side did I choose to tread upon as an allegory applied to my own walk of life? So simple, so easy, a mere thought surfacing from deep withing, coming from the abyss of the heart made me make that simple decission. I just turned my neck to the sun and to the silver glitter dots which played on the back of the blue ocean. So simple, so natural, so easy. Just an spontaneous impulse towards the light. Doubts simply vanished.

Use this real event to make up your mind which way you want to go when facing a dilemmatic cross-road challenge. And if your heart is throbbing with passion and love, you will too choose the sunny side over the other.

As life in general, let us always head towards the light. And by light everything is comprised in it. Everything!

best of very best wishes to you and your team Lilou!

Keep it up as extraordinary as your heart dictates. It´s up to us Lilou! It´s really simple!

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