Twinflames: The split of our soul, Masculin-Feminin energy

What are twinflames? How is it different then soulmate? How is that related to a higher vibrational consciousness? How can we balance and find that masculin and feminin energy?

Life Partner, Soulmate & Twinflames

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What is a twinflame. How is it different then a soulemate?

Read some Twinflames articles and other interviewers from Angelina Heart here:

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1.Posted by Patricia J Dean on 02/27/2010 4:37 AM
Yes it is the ultimate transmutation of love into the surroundings, basically we are bringing the seed of love into the Earth again with a new vibration that only twin flames hold, it will be more consistent for mother Earth=body or ego , she is our parents for she has the same two energies we have manifested in the 2 brains, the lower brain the feminine energy and the limbic system the upper brain the masculine yang, the cerebrum is what connect the energy brain=us.Body is an extension of the planet, they are bodies carrying us in it through time and space.Loving body is loving the planet our parent.I see all bodies as my father & mother Earth and of course I will not go through the protein clone to the energy brain that inhabits the vessel.So by living your twin flame romance you are giving the 3d body the love and balance that spreads throughout the Earth for all bodies are highly connected,
is body repeated many times, we are the ones who give the vessel the variation of personality, body is one.We create vibrational variety that will remain as a print in the Earth DNA, some day she will not need us, she will run the planet with enough memory to create different personalities based on the memory we left.And as warriors of light we will go on helping other Earths to to the same we did here.I love Angelina.

2.Posted by Patricia J Dean on 02/27/2010 4:51 AM
Soul mates are the print that we left before in the memory of Gaea, but Gaea and her twin flame is all we see in this planet, they are all, from the molecules of the Ocean to the rose, to the trees, to all forms of life.They are our 3d reality and when Angelina says that she sends love to what she saw around her; the husband, the tree, the dog she is kissing the earth and giving strength of love radiation.We are electrical beings beneath , she needs us to guide her creation, we give the her final touch, this Earth twin flame is too busy loving one another and they are restless, the only language they know is love, they were created in love, they can not be in one place the omnipresence is obvious, we anchor the clone=them, and give them order and sense.We are their angel guards.

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