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1.Posted by Diane on 05/02/2011 12:40 AM
Dear Lilou, do you ask the people you interview to make a contribution to the Tour?

If you do... I agree that it is a sad situation.

And if you don't... maybe you should start asking them. Famous people are used to be interviewed. They are sollicitated by people who use their image to make money (magazines and TV interviews). Maybe, they are not aware that you do this for FREE and that you need sponsoring. Why don't you proceed to your interviews and then leave them to watch a little DEMO explaining WHY you need their monetary support and why their time isn't enough. BE agressive! (in a loving way... as you know how to do already).

I hope things will change for the Tour very soon... or else I will begin to think that WEALTH is a form of CANCER! Much LOVE to you Lilou!

2.Posted by Scott on 09/22/2011 11:26 PM
Hi Lilou!
It seems you already have the means to bring in lots of financial abundance, you just need help with the monetizing part so that you can create the return flow. You provide a great service that is obviously really popular, so that is a very valuable service.

I noticed that you are one of the few interviewers out there that doesn't take advantage of affiliate marketing. Since you promote these authors and lecturers, you could set up an affiliate relationship with them. If a viewer watches your interview, you could have a link (affiliate link that is tracked from your site) to that interviewees site. If your original viewer then purchases anything on the site that you directed them to, you automatically get a percentage back. It's all automated now, so you can set it up to just deposit into a paypal account.

Plus youtube has a partnership for people with as many subscribers as you. They pay some people several thousand dollars per year for their efforts

I'm so inspired by what you've created (I can't believe I just recently discovered you). I have a had a similar dream for years, but get bogged down in the logistics. Good for you for living your dream and inspiring so many!


3.Posted by Marta Wiley on 07/03/2017 10:06 PM
Hi Lilou,

I noticed my painting in the back of your video:) I just got a number#1 best seller super excited to continue with Art, Book, Music & Consciousness. Please, let me know how I can assist your great work. Much love & light~ Marta

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