Who is God? You are! - Fiona Fay, Dublin


Fiona is completely passionate about people awakening to their higher selves. She came into a higher level of consciousness many years ago and since then has been moved by spirit in the most amazing and profound ways. Her life is radically different after this awakening so she has a direct experience of what its like to live life as a struggle and life in freedom. She now spends her time showing people what is possible through her spiritual guidance and writing. She has written her infamous book 'Who is God? You are' and this is a wonderful book for those starting out on their spiritual path or coming into this new way of being. This simple book is perfect for those who are struggling in their lives in some way or simply want a more meaningful and purposeful life.  She is currently working on two very exciting film projects dedicated to helping the world awaken to the magic within and all around them. Fiona also coaches a handful of people across the globe who are dedicated to a life of service and who are here to shift humankind's awareness of who they are. She coaches actors, film directors, writers, TV/radio hosts, and people mainly in the creative realm who have powerful enlightening messages to bring to the world.

In this enlightening book, you will learn how to create the magical, incredible life that is everyone's birthright. After a spiritual awakening, Fiona's own life was completely transformed. With clear, simple explanations and astonishing examples, she takes us through the journey of discovery that changed her entire world and reveals how you can do the same.

If mankind is to transcend the current global challenges, we must embrace a new way of being and a new way of thinking. We must embrace a new kind of awareness where people can take back their true power. This kind of mindset will not only create miraculous results within your own life, whether it is health, wealth, or your relationships, but also has the power to create miracles to ease our global problems of hunger, war, finance and the environment.

Powerful, inspiring and controversial, Who is God? You Are, will challenge you to shed old thinking patterns that have sabotaged your success and prevented you from experiencing your true magnificence. By becoming aware of the profound messages within the book and practicing this way of living, your life will never be the same.

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1.Posted by wayne smith on 05/05/2012 9:57 PM
LILOU, You are awesome; your guest FIONA is AWESOME. I loved the interview, and it came on my birthday. What a great birthday present. Thank you. LOVE and BLESSINGS to you both. from

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