Lilou Macé is a French-American author, webTV host and international Internet video blogger since 2005 with over 42-million video views on her youtube channels and the co-founder of an global Internet community, The 100-Day Reality Challenge

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Lilou is also an international speaker. She spoke about the power of active co-creation at a TEDx event in France in Octobre 2013. To watch her TEDx talk in French, subtitled in english (turn Caption ON video), click here. Lilou webTV for french speakers is called La Télé de Lilou and is very popular in France, Belgium, Switzerland and in Quebec.

Lilou is now travelling around the world interviewing people to offer online everyday wisdom and inspiration on the Lilou Mace TV Her webTV offers free videos online and is supported via donations. Click here if you would like to support this media.

In April 2009 she wrote 'I Lost My Job and I Liked It: 30-Day Law-of-Attraction Diary of a Dream Job Seeker' after loosing her job on the 16th of February 2009, as Internet Marketing Director, in London. Since then Lilou wrote I Had No Money and I Liked it (2010) and I Have No Religion and I like it (2015)

Lilou’s Youtube videos (over 3,000 videos) in english and french document her participation in life on her world tour of interviews featuring world famous authors, speakers, artists, entrepreneurs that Lilou qualifies as 'Juicy'. Lilou chooses her guests for their aliveness, wisdom and embodiment of the new world emerging all around the world.

Her international guests includes Wayne Dyer, Ram Dass, Mark Nepo, Don Miguel Ruiz, Dr Joe Dispenza, James Redfield, Derek Mills, Byron Katie, Caroline Myss, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dr James Hardt, John Gray, Robert Holden, Sonia Choquette, Mooji, Foster Gamble, David Icke, Baptist de Pape, Dr John Demartini, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Drew Heriot, Amma, Debbie Ford, Patrick Flanagan and many more!


Early Life and Studies
Lilou was born in Santa Barbara, California, to French parents, Jean-Yves Macé and Irène Martin. Moving back to France and celebrating her first birthday in a transatlantic flight, Lilou grew up primarily in France Nantes and Cholet) and in the United States Scottsdale, Arizona, until 1996 when her studies helped her fulfil her passion to travel, discover new cultures and gain the International experience she had been longing for.

During her four-year Bachelor degree in European Business Studies (1996-2000), Lilou studied in ESC La Rochelle and Oxford Brookes University, and wrote her final year dissertation on “How to create a strong brand online”, graduating in 2000 with honours. Her major in International Marketing led her to increase her Internet and marketing skills during a 14-month internship for Nortel Networks in Mainhead, UK and in Silicon Valley, California, US.

Between November 2000 and October 2006, Lilou resided in Florida, mainly in Fort Lauderdale, after which she moved to Chicago, where she went on to meet her role model Oprah Winfrey, start her own cable TV show, initially called “My Juicy Life” (and then “Live a Juicy Life”), living there until the end of July 2008.

Lilou has embarked on various projects explicitly aimed at helping people and companies fulfil their potential, notably the 100-Day Reality Challenge, MpowerU and her book I Lost My Job and I liked it: 30-Day Law-of-Attraction Diary of a Dream Job Seeker. A subjective appraisal of the many comments posted in response to Lilou’s work suggests she has established herself in the public mind as a well-liked, humble, moving, funny and perceptive Internet personality, ably demonstrating the style of leadership she believes the world desperately needs (according to I Lost My Job and I Liked It).

Interested in the power of brands and their influence on our daily lives, between January 2000 and June 2008, Lilou owned a company called Emotional Brands. Emotional Brands’ services included online branding, website design and online marketing.

Emotional Brands’ international portfolio of clients included leading brands in the hospitality and motivational industries, and was this young CEO’s first attempt to bring her two main passions together: travel and inspiring people.

In 2003, Lilou started to live her true passion after she founded MpowerU, a small company providing an inspirational online portal to promote book authors, motivational seminars, and teachings, in one free archive for all to access.

This lead to her co-founding the popular 100-Day Reality Challenge, also known as Co-Creating Our Reality (CCOR) with Sandy Grason, author of Journalution and Laura Duksta, author of the best-selling children’s book I Love You More. This community counts now over 28,000 members and 125 countries (this includes the french version of the site

Co-Creating our Reality

Co-Creating Our Reality (CCOR) is a global online community that describes itself as “putting the law of attraction and other universal laws and principles to the test”. The CCOR 100-Day Reality Challenge is an experiment rooted in a belief that through collective thoughts, words and actions, a new and better world can be achieved. The 100-Day Reality Challenge “addresses the fact that while the self-help industry is huge, most people don’t have the structure needed to act on the concepts”. On this website, you can follow users from all over the globe during their 100-Day Reality Challenges through blogs and video blogs as they put the Law of Attraction to the test.

Internet TV Host
In 2006, Lilou started to video-blog on YouTube. Since its establishment her channel there has become increasingly popular , for example, her video Quick and Effective guided visualization” has clocked over 450,000 views and, and Using the Law of Attraction to meet Oprah Winfrey” over 120,000.

Lilou met Oprah Winfrey shortly after moving to Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. On the 9th of November 2006, Lilou Mace was in the audience of the Oprah Show on the theme of “Dream Jobs”. Lilou states that this experience changed her life, making her more determined to live her dreams, and host one day her own morning TV show and empower millions daily.

She details her experiences meeting Oprah (four times, including at the premier of The Secret) and other big names, such as Jack Canfield and Rhonda Byrne in her YouTube video playlist “Meeting Oprah Winfrey: from dream to reality”.

A few months later, with no television or broadcasting background, Lilou went on to produce and host a cable TV show called “My Juicy Life”.

She states:
“Inspired by Oprah, I started on CAN TV, public access TV, free for all Chicagoans. I put together a team of volunteers and starting airing in January 2007 the first episodes of “My Juicy Life” which then become "Live a Juicy Life” aimed at inspiring people to fully live their purpose and passions in life, to ‘live a juicy life’ as I like to call it. We interviewed inspiring authors such as Sandy Grason, Judith Wright, John Gray, Sonia Choquette, and Karyn Calabrese. The apprenticeship was not easy but as I was stepping outside of my comfort zone and unlocking new potential, new doors opened up.”

One of her dreams is to host a daily television show that will “empower millions of people to live fulfilled lives”.

Guided Visualization CD

Lilou has recorded several daily law-of-attraction visualization mp3s to “help people attract their dream jobs; restore their natural weight, SET daily intentions and shift their moods”. Her “gentle yet powerful visualizations” are one of the daily practices Lilou uses in her life “to manifest her dreams”. The tracks were recorded and commercialised in 2009 on Amazon as “Law-of-Attraction Visualizations and Meditations” but also on this website for download. Other practices of Lilou’s include creating vision boards, video-blogging, participating in the 100 Day Reality Challenge, masterminding, journaling, “being grateful and taking 100% responsibility in her life”.

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"Just wanted to congratulate you on your success. You're a terrific interviewer." - James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy

“Lilou is a fireball of energy, enthusiasm and great ideas! She has married her expertise in web design and marketing with her passion for helping others, resulting in her motivating countless people around the world to live their best lives. She gives great media interviews with her relaxed but bubbly personality and is able to share a wealth of information and experiences that motivate audiences. She's a gem!” - Liv Lane
, Co-Host & Associate Producer, GET REAL GIRLS, FM107.1

“Lilou has a deep passion for helping others find their life purpose, and to use their gifts and talents in the most powerful way possible. Her skills as an interviewer put people at ease. She really helps her guests connect to audiences of all kinds.” President & CEO, The Power Patterns of Innovation

“There are very few superlatives that do Lilou Mace justice!.Let's put it this way there are few people I have ever felt compelled to meet ,let alone fly over 5,000 miles to meet.Lilou Mace ,not only is blessed with beautiful looks but a kind heart and fast mind.Heading up CCOR (co -creating our reality) ,she has brought happiness and inspiration to thousands of people all over the world.Her mission is relentless and namely to bring Purpose and Passion to millions through TV and the Internet .Above all Lilou is Genuine -I predict greatness for her in this new century ,an Oprah in the making .I would highly recommend her and her business to anyone and indeed have !. " - Mark Manning CITY CHANNEL DUBLIN

“Lilou has an amazing vision to empower millions of people and tirelessly strives to do that through her TV show and internet sites. Her abundance of energy and charisma is contagious as she has developed a large international audience in her endeavors.” - Bryan Gutraj

“Lilou interviewed me for her show, "Live a Juicy Life." Her interview style put me at ease which elicited an in depth quality to our interview.” Jeremy Gershfeld, The Quartet Approach

“Lilou is a bring rising, shining star filled with possibility and love. It is always a pleasure to collaborate with Lilou. She has an enthusiastic passion for making a difference and inspiring people that is contagious.” - Jennifer Sandomir, Publisher, Being Magazine

“Lilou is an inspirational and motivational person. She is knowledgable about her fields of expertise and helps to empower millions around the world as co-founder of Co-Creating Our Reality and the 100 Day Reality Challenge. My life is better for having such an amazing person in my life.” - Tamara Rasheed

“Lilou is an inspiration to anyone who comes in contact with her via in person, the Internet, or on TV. She is a natural at motivating people as she is passionate about what she does and it shines through. Put a mic in her hand and a camera in front of her and watch her come alive - she is a natural in front of the camera and certainly belongs there so she can even inspire more people.” - Carol Miller, Positive Focus

“Lilou is a true example of a self motivated woman who goes above and beyond and gets more done than anyone is expecting. She's positive, insightful and creative. She always impresses me with her talents and skills in a wide array of areas. She's a delight to be around.”- Steffani Fort

“Lilou is passionate, inspiring, and motivating! She has created one of the best online social networking environments which integrates blogging, video, special interest groups, and masterminding. Her passion for video and sharing her successes, and the successes of others through video interviews with authors brings a fresh look at success. Co-Creating Our Reality is a great environment for anyone looking to step up their life and their results!” - Dawn Nocera, Personal & Professional Development Coach, Life Success Consulting


30-Day Law-of-Attraction Diary of a Dream Job Seeker

Juicy Living Series: Volume 1

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO BOOK REVIEW OF I LOST MY JOB AND I LIKED IT from youtubers to famous authors...

International Internet guru Lilou ‘The Big L’ Mace believes in the Law of Attraction (as revealed in The Secret) and that we can create anything we want using the power of our thoughts. Drawn to the USA from France, she used this law to co-found the ‘100-Day Reality Challenge’ community, to build a following of thousands of YouTubers, and to ‘manifest’ a meeting with Oprah Winfrey, someone she greatly admires without wishing to copy. (‘The Big L’ believes that being true to your unique Self is crucial to success.)

Now she’s in London and she’s lost her job. The time has come to test her beliefs to the limit: at a time of global crisis can she use the Law of Attraction to find her dream job, and thereby ‘empower millions’ to do likewise?

This is her stream-of-consciousness diary, written over a month, from the moment she was sacked. Travel with her as she grapples with doubt, relishes avocados and finds something good, even in what at first appear to be the most disheartening of setbacks. Deploying a battery of mood-shifting, life-enhancing, and possibly reality-changing techniques, she attempts to prove to herself – and to you! – that a better way of living is possible. …That one can live a truly Juicy Life!

While 30-something Lilou would probably get on with the fictional Bridget
Jones, her real-life diary is a very different thing. Humble, moving, funny and perceptive, it epitomises the style of leadership she believes the world desperately needs. If Lilou’s approach works, this book might just be The Survival Guide for Our Times, and she the vanguard of a revolution.

Read it, and, most importantly, try it out!

ISBN 978-0-9562546-0-3


- as eBook
- as a book signed, personalized and shipped by author Lilou Macé





CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO BOOK REVIEW OF I LOST MY JOB AND I LIKED IT from youtubers to famous authors...

"Lilou Mace's endearing and heart-achingly honest story is what you'd get if you combined Bridget Jones and The Secret. It's a short and easy and inspiring read and it's hard not to fall in love with Lilou as she shares her journey; you feel as though you're a close friend she's confiding in." - Gaia Team

"Just got done reading this and I am so touched by it! Probably one of the best books I've
ever read (and I've read some good ones)." - Satoshi Morikawa

"This book is a rip roaring read. It will challenge you, and encourage you to shift the way
you live to a more trusting and positive focus - away from the miserable combative view of
life that so many people are trapped in. Buy it now." - Colin Gajewski

“ I just loved this little book! Lilou writes in a very warm conversational manner. I felt like
she was right there with me, encouraging me to go for my dreams. I have already ordered
two more for friends of mine who lost their jobs.” - Marla Martenson, Author of Excuse Me,
Your Soulmate is Waiting

“ I devoured half the book in that first day and cannot wait to finish it, and to buy the next
one, and the next one. What a treat this book is!”- Eric G.

"Lilou Mace is a fountain of energy and confidence, yet when she lost her highly paid job she
suffered, as all of us can, from a momentary blow to her self confidence. This book is her
journal of her thoughts and actions as she discovers, in fact, that her life has just been set
free so she can do what she really feels to be authentic. For anyone who is looking to use
the Law of Attraction and to change their life this will be a most useful book. - Dr Allan
Hunter - Author of "Stories We Need to Know" and "The Six Archetypes of Love"

"It is written in clear easy to understand terms and at times you feel the author is right
there in the room with you, talking to you. Lilou has a gift for motivating everyone to strive
for their best life." - Christine Hancock

"Lilou's book is a much needed tool for anyone facing a job or financial crisis. I found the
book to be very uplifting, and her enthusiasm for life is infectious. And that she wrote it and
got it out to the world so fast is a testament to her energy. Highly recommend this little
treasure!" - Ryan A. Harris

“You are actually reading and holding the author’s manifested dreams in your hands! Now
that is a very powerful and inspirational thing indeed.” - David King

“ Lilou's book is very much about the trials and pitfalls of a current-age jobseeker. She is
very candid and yet very courageous in her quest to boldly walk from a routine job (and
being suddenly fired) towards her new dream-job. She has a real talent coupled with some
fascinating mentoring to guide herself and the reader through these massive challenges.” -
David G Royffe

"After I lost my job last summer, I came upon one of Lilou Mace's inspiring videos on You
Tube. Ironically, at the time, I was in search of an Oprah video clip that might cheer/inspire
me. That is how I was introduced to Lilou Mace -- as she had posted videos telling the story
of how, through the power of positive thinking, she had fulfilled her dream of meeting
Oprah! Some time later, I also found a video in which Lilou spoke of losing her job, and I
was truly amazed how well she captured my own emotions and thoughts when I went
through that experience! Not long ago, Lilou wrote and published her first book: "I Lost My
Job and I Liked It". It is a heartwarming and soul inspiring book that I found completely
authentic and in all ways one-of-a-kind -- just llike Lilou Mace. I would highly recommend
this book. I would highly recommend Lilou Mace as an author, a videographer and one of
those rare spirits who make a difference in every life she touches. BRAVO!"- Linda Papciak

"I have just finished reading 'I Lost my Job and I Liked It' by Lilou Mace and it is a fantastic
read. This is her story of applying the Law of Attraction to fulfilling her dreams, after she'd
lost her job. In the current economic climate this book is such a big inspiration - it drives
the reader forward to following their dreams too as they share the journey with Lilou, I
literally couldn't put the book down, its exciting, honest, heart warming and sometimes
brought tears to my eyes as I resonated with it so much - it has helped me and inspired me
to follow my hearts desires and to never lose sight of them - there are so many useful ideas
in the book too. I discovered Lilou Mace a little while ago on Youtube and she is an absolute
angel - from following The Secret and Esther and Jerry Hicks I found Lilou and quite frankly
have never looked back - I can't wait for her next book." - Jean Dayton

"I've been following Lilou for a while now on CCOR -www.cocreatingourreality.comand first
of all I think she is an amazing young lady!! She moved June 2008 from Chicago to London for
a new job which she lost last February. Needless to say that it is not an easy time to loose a
job........But there was Lilou!! Instead of getting full of fear and depressed....of course she has her
moments....she turned the negative into a positive and decided to create her dream job!! And so
she did!!

Approx a month later she had finished writing her book: I lost my job and I liked it!! And shortly
after that it was published.......She writes very open from her heart how she experienced the loss
of her job and how she handled it. The book is really a MUST READ for everybody who lost a
job to get inspired and to put the Law Of Attraction into action.....
Since the financial crises is a global issue I really think that Lilou’s book will be of service to all
the people without a job AND needs to be promoted like wise…….that is world wide!!-


Lilou has recorded several daily law-of-attraction visualization mp3s to “help people attract their dream jobs; restore their natural weight, set daily intentions and shift their moods”. Her “gentle yet powerful visualizations” are one of the daily practices Lilou uses in her life “to manifest her dreams”. The tracks were recorded and commercialised in 2009 as "Law-of-Attraction Visualizations and Meditations". Other practices of Lilou’s include creating vision boards, video-blogging, participating in the 100 Day Reality Challenge, masterminding, journaling, “being grateful and taking 100% responsibility in her life”.

You can either purchase it here or on Amazon US for the entire CD with following tracks:

1. Quick and Effective Visualisation
2. Get What You Really Really Want
3. Lovalicious
4. Manifest Your Dream Job
5. Restore Your Natural Weight
6. Multiple Bubbles
7. 100 Day Reality Challenge Visualisations
8. Declaration (Bonus)

Get this CD on Amazon US

Or if you live in a different country, You can purchase it here.


Co-Creating Our Reality (CCOR) is a global online community that describes itself as “putting the law of attraction and other universal laws and principles to the test”.

The CCOR 100-Day Reality Challenge is an experiment rooted in a belief that through collective thoughts, words and actions, a new and better world can be achieved. The 100-Day Reality Challenge “addresses the fact that while the self-help industry is huge, most people don’t have the structure needed to act on the concepts”. On this website, you can follow users from all over the globe during their 100-Day Reality Challenges through blogs and video blogs as they put the Law of Attraction to the test.

Sandy Grason, Laura Duksta and Lilou Mace have created this community in 2005.
Click here to read about Sandy, Laura and Lilou

Our mission is to educate, entertain and transform the world.
CCOR is now a worldwide experiment and movement!

Here is some information about us and the community:


The idea for the 100 Day challenge and Co-Creating Our Reality started in 2005. Laura Duksta and Sandy Grason, two best-selling authors and aficionados of mastermind groups where focusing at the time on “Enlightened Wealth”. Looking for a new “Millions dollar idea”, they began looking at the current reality shows on TV and saw an opportunity for creating a positive and empowering reality TV show. They starting discussing the idea of following several individuals and watching their progress as they practiced Universal laws and principles and do regularly meditation, journaling, visualization, reading, etc.

Laura and Sandy immediately thought of discussing the idea with Lilou Mace, a young Internet entrepreneur passionate about Internet technologies, online branding strategies, and the self-help industry. The synchronicity and chemistry between those 3 women was irrefutable. Co-creating our reality was born.

They named the project “Co-Creating Our Reality” as they where clear that not only are we co-creating with each other, but they all 3 believed in the power of the magical energy that is created when two or more individuals gather together for the greater good. We are co-creating with these practices, with Universal Laws and Principles and with the Divine Energy of the Universe. They wanted to acknowledge that we are always co-creating our lives and our experiences and their intention was to bring a consciousness to everyday reality.

Since they had no idea what this “experiment” would look like, they decided to take it on themselves for 100 days. They had read many, many books, learned incredible concepts from amazing teachers and attended numerous seminars, but where wondering what progress they would make in their lives if they applied all of them consistently for 100 Days. Laura and Sandy had both written books of their own, Lilou had founded few companies including an empowering portal online. But although, they met success, they had always been a certain inconsistency in results. They saw that the results where in portion of their involvement into life, and how often they would be applying those teachings and practices. Life happens. You start, you stop, you get sidetracked, taken off course.

They started recording their daily video journals with their webcams from home and upload them on Lilou;s empowerment website. The results of the experiment where visible to all. The 3 ladies decided to expand on the concept and look for new ways to make it easy for people to participate in the 100 Day Challenge worldwide and from their living room. They decided to bet on YouTube, a new Internet player at the time, that was allowing people to easily upload and share video clips. As YouTube expanded and was then bought in November 2006 by Google, the reach of each video expanded and as a consequence the number of viewers and participants.

With the success of the movie The Secret and it’s appearance on The Oprah Show, our youtube community received a flood of new participants from all over the world. Soon we were receiving videos from Asia, Australia, Ireland, Canada, South America, U.K. and all across the U.S. The community members where so enthusiastic about finding a place where they could put the tools they learned from The Secret into practice. The 100 Day Reality Challenge has since then provided the perfect structure for thousands of people, as well as a global community of like-minded people who support you in living your Biggest Vision.

You can begin your own 100 Day Reality Challenge at any time by logging onto and signing up!


Here is an easy guide and steps to get you started on your journey!

1. SIGN UP ON CCOR website
If you aren’t ready to start your 100 Day Reality Challenge you can still sign up, create your own user page which will allow you to join groups, comment and post videos and blogs…be a part of this amazing community today! Create your profile, add your pictures and your country and city. This is important for other members in the same area to connect with each other too! Right now over 100 countries are registered in the 100 Day Reality Challenge!

2. Set up a date by which you want to start your Season 1 of the 100 Day Reality Challenge. If you have done the 100 Day Reality Challenge 2 times, then you will start on Season 3, etc. - For additional support we recommend you get a group of friends to start at the same time as you, in your city, and set up meetings to share your results!

3. What are your intentions and goals for the next 100 Days?
What do you want to manifest and achieve within the next 100 Days? Be fit, Find financial harmony, Attract awesome people in your life, Make new Friends, Attract your Soulmate, Be health, Be more connected, Making a difference, Finding Peace of Mind, Receive creative ideas, Feeling good, Be joyful everyday, Have more energy....What do you Really, Really want?

4. Select the practices that you will apply for the next 100 days: meditation, journaling, video blogging, reading, gratitude, mastermind, etc. - Click here for co-creators practices

5. Share your journey on blogs or videos blogs on this website, or both!

6. Invite friends to this network and socialize with other participant! HAVE FUN!

Disclaimer: The information presented on this website, in these videos, blogs, interviews, books, CDs are intended for educational purposes only. Lilou Aurélie Macé interviews people but this does not mean she agrees with all that is being said and removes her responsability in claiming that what works for her will work for you. This is your life and your responsibility to choose or not to apply or apply the education content in these videos, blogs, interviews and other products presented in this website. Since you are the most important ingredient in your own health, wellbeing, happiness, mental and psycological abilities, you are ultimately responsible for deciding how you want to live your life, what your nutrition is like, what to read, whose advice to follow, and whether or not you ever exercise your mind or body. We make absolutely no claims, promises, or guarantees and are neither diagnosing nor treating specific challenges in your life. You are solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with your own medical, physical, mental treatment and care. There are no medical claims pertaining to the healing capabilities of these techniques, products or services. It is recommended that in all cases of disease, injury, sickness, depression etc. that the aid of a licensed health practitioner is obtained and that you follow their suggested treatment. This information is being made available for your personal and experimental purposes only and therefore absolutely no claims of healing and/or curing disease are made herein, expressed or implied. These videos blogs and interviews are recorded and created by Lilou Aurélie Macé and apply to her life. These results where made possible by her way of participating actively in her life, being well supported by her family, friends and collegues and applying things she learned, while still consulting medical doctors or other health practioners in their office. The people that Lilou interviews and Lilou Macé, make no claim of healing.