"Just wanted to congratulate you on your success. You're a terrific interviewer." - James Redfield, author of The Celestine Prophecy

“Lilou is a fireball of energy, enthusiasm and great ideas! She has married her expertise in web design and marketing with her passion for helping others, resulting in her motivating countless people around the world to live their best lives. She gives great media interviews with her relaxed but bubbly personality and is able to share a wealth of information and experiences that motivate audiences. She's a gem!” - Liv Lane
, Co-Host & Associate Producer, GET REAL GIRLS, FM107.1

“Lilou has a deep passion for helping others find their life purpose, and to use their gifts and talents in the most powerful way possible. Her skills as an interviewer put people at ease. She really helps her guests connect to audiences of all kinds.” President & CEO, The Power Patterns of Innovation

“There are very few superlatives that do Lilou Mace justice!.Let's put it this way there are few people I have ever felt compelled to meet ,let alone fly over 5,000 miles to meet.Lilou Mace ,not only is blessed with beautiful looks but a kind heart and fast mind.Heading up CCOR (co -creating our reality) ,she has brought happiness and inspiration to thousands of people all over the world.Her mission is relentless and namely to bring Purpose and Passion to millions through TV and the Internet .Above all Lilou is Genuine -I predict greatness for her in this new century ,an Oprah in the making .I would highly recommend her and her business to anyone and indeed have !. " - Mark Manning CITY CHANNEL DUBLIN

“Lilou has an amazing vision to empower millions of people and tirelessly strives to do that through her TV show and internet sites. Her abundance of energy and charisma is contagious as she has developed a large international audience in her endeavors.” - Bryan Gutraj

“Lilou interviewed me for her show, "Live a Juicy Life." Her interview style put me at ease which elicited an in depth quality to our interview.” Jeremy Gershfeld, The Quartet Approach

“Lilou is a bring rising, shining star filled with possibility and love. It is always a pleasure to collaborate with Lilou. She has an enthusiastic passion for making a difference and inspiring people that is contagious.” - Jennifer Sandomir, Publisher, Being Magazine

“Lilou is an inspirational and motivational person. She is knowledgable about her fields of expertise and helps to empower millions around the world as co-founder of Co-Creating Our Reality and the 100 Day Reality Challenge. My life is better for having such an amazing person in my life.” - Tamara Rasheed

“Lilou is an inspiration to anyone who comes in contact with her via in person, the Internet, or on TV. She is a natural at motivating people as she is passionate about what she does and it shines through. Put a mic in her hand and a camera in front of her and watch her come alive - she is a natural in front of the camera and certainly belongs there so she can even inspire more people.” - Carol Miller, Positive Focus

“Lilou is a true example of a self motivated woman who goes above and beyond and gets more done than anyone is expecting. She's positive, insightful and creative. She always impresses me with her talents and skills in a wide array of areas. She's a delight to be around.”- Steffani Fort

“Lilou is passionate, inspiring, and motivating! She has created one of the best online social networking environments which integrates blogging, video, special interest groups, and masterminding. Her passion for video and sharing her successes, and the successes of others through video interviews with authors brings a fresh look at success. Co-Creating Our Reality is a great environment for anyone looking to step up their life and their results!” - Dawn Nocera, Personal & Professional Development Coach, Life Success Consulting

1.Posté par Cok van der Lee le 13/04/2010 10:38
Lilou Mace, Great Interviewer, passionated by her Sunny Heart and for the Hearts of us All, just being herself, a Great Connector and Interviewer, supported by God and the Angels ! To inspire us all during the proces of our Collective Awareness and so all individuals on this planet with Love and Light and Crystal Clear by Inner Child. Thank you for meeting you Lilou and to remember my Inner Child again by your presence. Cok van der Lee, angelcommunicator, the Netherlands

2.Posté par Kevineewman le 22/06/2017 06:34
Thank you very much for sharing your notes here. Through your post I could understand about your matter .Thank you .

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